Monday, June 22, 2009


Click the link to enjoy a funny little video called The Credit Card Funeral. ABC recently did a story on this video, and very timely! Enjoy!

This is a Credit Card Funeral that Judge Robert Cilley officiated for Pam Young. You may recognize him as the husband of Flylady (aka: Marla Cilley) He did a decent job of officiating the ceremony honoring the slicing and dicing of several credit cards (with much audience participation), followed by a touching grave side service. And although the video is mainly a spoof for fun regarding credit card use, there is much truth to be found about the nature of the credit card.

Flylady hosts a website filled with information and tools to help people "declutter" their homes, finances, lives, offices, and anything else that needs a good cleaning. Her website has tons of ideas, tips, & even products to help the "SHE" (side-tracked home executive.) Flylady's website is

Pam Young can help you get out of debt with her new book, The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt book. Miss Young's website is

This post is strictly for fun but if you find useful information and tools to help you with your finances that's even better!

Tia Davis,
Cornerstone Credit Union

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