Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Washington Post on advance-fee loans: Join a CU

WASHINGTON (8/26/08)--A Kiplinger's Personal Finance columnist writing in the Washington Post Sunday about advance-fee loans cites credit unions as a way to avoid those fees.

Military personnel, often susceptible to exorbitant fees from payday lenders, are now being targeted with so-called advance-fee loans.

Because military personnel are often young and transient, when they apply for a loan, they are told they are credit risks. The lender asks them to pay $900 to $1,800 or more upfront before getting the loan. Then the money disappears.

The article cited advice from the Better Business Bureau Military Line, which noted two things a borrower can do to avoid advance-fee loans.

One of them was "Join a credit union. Credit unions on base often offer short-term loans at competitive interest rates."

The other was to get a zero-interest loan through a military emergency relief fund.

courtesy of cuna.org

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