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CU educators' reach 'unprecedented' in 2007-08

COLUMBIA, S.C. (8/28/08)--Credit unions had unprecedented impact in the classroom in 2007-08, reaching 374,099 students in 11,245 total presentations, according to statistics collected by the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB).

Those totals are gains of 29.4% in number of students and 14.6% in number of presentations over 2006-07 statistics (289,072 students in 9,812 classes). Increases over five years average 9% annually.

In logging the data, NYIB's network of credit union professionals far exceeded what the NYIB Executive Committee considered a stretch goal of 300,000 students reached.

"What we saw this year appears to be the result of larger class sizes," suggested NYIB Chairman Brandon Pugh, "particularly since just three more presenters than last year reported activity. "Optimistically, it's showing that credit union volunteers are progressing, having more classes and more students in each."

It is also the reason the NYIB Executive Committee will consider another lofty goal for the coming year, Pugh said.

"Chairman (John) Faries encouraged us to set the 'stretch' goal last year, believing there is plenty of activity going unreported. This year's numbers represent an outstanding impact by credit union people, but they still suggest there's more room for even bigger numbers," Pugh added.

For the second consecutive year, Marsha Lunden of Desert Schools CU, Phoenix, conducted the most classroom presentations--416. Erin Hodson of Kern Schools FCU, Bakersfield, Calif., reached the most students--22,619--in the 2007-08 reporting year.

The NYIB "Top Classroom Presenter"--the person with the greatest percentage increase in classroom presentations over the previous year--was Juli Lewis of Suncoast Schools FCU, Tampa, Fla. During the 2007-08 reporting year, Lewis made 325% more presentations than in 2006-07.

Likewise, "Most Students Reached" went to Jeff Williams of Educational Employees CU, Fresno, Calif., who reached 796.9% more students in 2007-08 than in 2006-07.

NYIB is a volunteer organization of credit union professionals devoted to financial education and youth-oriented services. It is the only organization collecting classroom presentation data.

Visitors to NYIB's website can create a "MyNYIB" profile for access to the classroom reporting feature, a searchable document sharing feature, and the ability to upload their own news stories. Membership in NYIB is voluntary and site features are at no cost to the network.

NYIB's Executive Committee is accessible at

The Credit Union National Association is tracking credit unions' adult financial education efforts. To record your adult educational sessions, go to and click on "Report what you're doing."

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