Thursday, September 10, 2009

National publications say 'get credit cards at CUs'

MADISON, Wis. (9/9/09)--The Los Angeles Times and USA Today mentioned credit unions as a good place for consumers to obtain credit cards.

Credit unions are a potential source for low-interest-rate credit cards because they made "fewer costly mistakes in the credit heyday and now have money to lend," said personal finance writer Kathy M. Kristof in the Sunday Los Angeles Times.

Kristof also directed readers to check the Credit Union National Association's site,, to locate a credit union in their area.

In an article about how college students can build a credit history amidst new federal legislation that restricts marketing of credit cards to those under the age of 21, USA Today financial columnist Sandra Block told readers Tuesday that "many credit unions offer secured credit cards with lower interest rates and fees."

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