Thursday, April 17, 2008

Merger rates up overall, liquidation rates down in '07

MADISON, Wis. (4/17/08)--Merger rates of credit unions overall rose during 2007, while liquidation rates overall dropped, according to year-end statistics from the Credit Union National Association.

During the year, 15 credit unions were liquidated and 341 credit unions merged. The year also saw the formation of five new credit unions and the reactivation of a sixth credit union. Seventy-one credit unions started merger or liquidation processes during the year.

Although merger rates were higher overall, despite asset size, except among two asset groups: credit unions with assets of less than $0.5 million or greater than $100 million.

Liquidation rates rose or held steady among credit unions larger than $1 million in assets.

Merger rates increased for both federal and state-chartered credit unions last year, with 0.1% of federal chartered credit unions merging, and 0.21% of state-chartered credit unions did so.

Liquidation rates fell among state-chartered credit unions and stayed steady for federal charters.

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