Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scholarship money at your fingertips

CHICAGO (2/6/08)--Hoping for a scholarship to help curb the high cost of tuition? Start applying now, because many applications are due within the next two months (Sun-Times Jan. 21).

With the average size of a scholarship around $2,000, knowing where to look for scholarship money is key. About 6.9% of undergraduate college students receive private scholarships.

Several free scholarship databases, such as and, are available on the Internet. The College Board,, also has a list of scholarships.

In addition to searching the Web, talk to a high-school guidance counselor or college financial aid adviser. Other places to find scholarships:

School activities, academic clubs, or athletic organizations;
Student's employer;
Parent's employer
Parent's union;
Church or religious organization;
Local government;
Local businesses;
Local newspaper; and
Credit union.

For more information about acquiring scholarships, read "Make Up for College Savings Shortfalls" in Home & Family Finance Resource Center.

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